Information for foreigners

On this site I will try to explain shortly in English what Zur Linde is about to visitors from abroad. Please read the given information carefully to avoid possible misunderstandings.
Notice: The Hannoveranerzucht Zur Linde is a virtual horse sim game and does not exist in real life. The website and the corresponding horses' profiles are part of a role-play game. I am not liable for misunderstandings!

About the Hannoveranerzucht Zur Linde
As i already said Zur Linde is some kind of a role-play game, which went online in the year 2006. I am concentrated on Hanoverian dressage horse breedings but I also use other (German) Warmbloods to create better pedigrees. From time to time I even insert show jumping horses.
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Buying / Seeling
If you are interested in buying a horse from us which is for sale, please contact us via mail so that we can discuss everything else, e.g. purchasing price and so on. After we sold a horse it is essential for us to gain the new internet adress where the horse can be found to keep our website updated.
We recommend that you inform us if you cannot keep the mentioned horse therewith we can take it back or give you the permission to sell it otherwise.
We also appreciate to buy horses breed in other countrys, so if you have an offer for us please contact us.
We always stay in contact with stables who have brought horses from us or where we brought horses.
Breeding information
You can breed with one of our stallions and your mare or - after consultation - with your own stallion and one of our mares. Just contact me via mail and tell me in which breeding you are interested so that we can talk about the details. We also would like to know how long the mare is pregnant at your stable to know at which point of time we can expect the foal.
Please notice that your mare have to be accredited for breeding and especially the Hanoverian breed.
The gender, color, birthdate and all other necessary information of the foal are up to the new owner but it is possible that we make them for you if you want us to. Just write us.
We recommend that you link the virtual pedigree (if available) of the foal with the internet adress of the horses' profiles themselves or with
At german virtual stables it is common practice to put the stallion's stable abbreviation in front of the foal's name or behind it. The abbreviation of Zur Linde is ZL. We ask you for putting it behind the foal's name or Linde's in front of it. This serves an easliy recognition where the horse was breed.
Possible partnership
We would appreciate partnerships with external stables/ studs. A partnership means that I link your website on my site here and you do the same on your page; it is an exchange of the internet adresses. Its advantage is that vistors can see several similar websites at a glance and so many people get to know our stables.
For partners we also provide special offerings, like cuttings of prices or seperate breeding activities.
Just write us a short mail to become a partner - we would be delighted.
I hope I was able to explain the most important points to you comprehendible and if there are any kind of questions or some facts are still not fully clear, please feel free to ask me.